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The “Defend the Water and Penokees for future Generations” Flotilla is a family-friendly grass-roots canoe and kayak quest down part of the Bad River and Chequamegon Bay; it is intended to connect people to the Bad River Watershed and rejuvenate interest and passion in protecting its’ waters, flora and fauna, and all that depend and live on it from the proposed Penokee Mine. All that are anti-mine that also embrace our goals to make the flotilla, our intentional floating community, a safer space where we do not discriminate based on age, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, etc. are welcome to attend! The Flotilla will commence June 1st and end approximately around June. 9th, 2014. There will be opportunities to understand culturally significant places, plants, creatures, and resources along the flotilla route, as well as a community work-day and anti-oppression workshop at Bad River Elder Joe Rose’s property on Waverly Beach (at end of Lake Rd. off HWY 2 in Odanah, WI) Monday June. 2nd, all day. Tuesday June 3rd, there will be an anti-mine demo on the Chequamegon Bay, and a community potluck and musical jam at Prentice Park in Ashland, WI at 6:00 p.m..

 We believe that the protection and preservation of our local land bases and the water and nutritive resources therein are of the utmost importance to sustain life, both human and non, and have reverence for and prioritize support for those indigenous to a certain land-base
We embrace a more holistic view of relationships to land bases and reject modern connotations of land ownership as we believe they are a negative construct of society implemented to control the masses and displace indigenous peoples and creatures
We oppose the company Gogebic Taconite’s (GTAC) purchase of the mineral rights for 21,000 acres along 22 miles of the Penokee Range in Ashland and Iron Counties of Wisconsin, and 2011 proposal to build the world’s largest open-pit iron-ore mine (the initial mining phase measuring approximately four and 1/2 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and up to 1,000 feet deep) to extract taconite, low-grade iron ore; we oppose all related mining phases and projects such as exploratory drilling and bulk sampling (mini-mining), and envision a world without large-scale industrial resource extraction, aiming to determine the organization and outcomes in our communities on our own accords, utilizing many already existent materials to meet our basic needs
We recognize the intrinsic value of the Penokee Hills outside of financial gain, and within the transition of paradigm shift of how humans live, recognize that extracting substances such as maple syrup to be more lucrative than mining or mining related activities (i.e. large-scale logging)
We oppose Wisconsin’s new law AB/SB1, authored in help by GTAC which demolished environmental safeguards related to mining, eliminated public input, reduced revenues to local communities, and rushed the permit review process.
We support the repeal of this legislation, in conjunction with supporting the Treaties of 1836, 1837, 1842, and 1854, that secure the Ojibwe people’s right to hunt, fish, and gather in the ceded territories of Wisconsin, upon signing the land over to the state; We believe that construction of a 22-mile long taconite mine would be a direct violation of these treaties
We recognize the Wisconsin State Legislature has failed the people and future generations dependent upon this land base’s water and food resources, and recognize that it is our collective communities’ duty to continue to organize against the proposed Penokee mine, and that the most effected frontline communities in regards to the location of the proposed mine are the best equipped to address and prevent resource extraction
We believe protecting ourselves and our communities means defending our local land bases, and
We support and practice various incarnations of creative resistance to accomplish our goals to stop the proposed Penokee Mine, and furthermore break free from the overarching shackles of capitalist, free-market society that perpetuates destructive resource extraction, attacking the peripheral communities to feed the elite, 1% core, the “ruling” class.
Therefore the “Protecting the Water and Penokees for Future Generations,” Flotilla will commence June of 2014, and dissolve within the same month; we recognize that each individual watercraft is an autonomous entity, united under the banner, “Protecting the Water for Future Generations.” Within the approximate nine day flotilla, our goals are to conduct research in regards to the Bad River Watershed, Share food and resources in the spirit of collectivity, empower individuals to create the communities we want to exist in, as opposed to acquiescing to restrictive and uncreative societal norms that undermine our abilities to live without large corporations and resource extraction initiatives, such as that proposed by GTAC, and ultimately once again bringing together our diverse communities to raise awareness about the Proposed Penokee Mine and the status of this ongoing attempted project, and garnish support and resources to stop this mine.

Updates for the, “Defend the Water and the Penokees for Future Generations Flotilla,”:

  *Departure: June 1st at 9:00 a.m. from Elmhoist Rd. Landing on the Bad River Reservation.

*Flotilla Benefit Concert: Friday May. 23rd @ 7:30 p.m. in Prentice Park Pavillion, Ashland, Wisconsin, featuring: Jeremy Warden, the Free Bleedin’ Hitch Hikers, and Kaia (more musical acts welcome and wanted!). Proceeds will go to the purchase of extra canoe/kayak accoutrements/supplies for the flotilla. Donations of items like life preservers, ropes, paddles, granola (for the hungry hippies and their friends:)), extra canoes to borrow/use/have, *dry bags, triple and double A batteries, headlamps, and first aid supplies are appreciated.

*Water skills training for the flotilla will be held Sat. May.24h at 11:30 a.m. at Pamida Beach, off US HWY 2 in Ashland, WI, across from Shopko with River guide John Peck (not required but recommended for flotilla participants).

*Northland Students are also planning another ‘tour of the mine site’ hike for May. 17th; more details soon.

*REGISTER for flotilla via e-mail inquiry to:

*Items to bring on flotilla:

Rain gear, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent/tent to share, band aids, extra personal snacks (two meals a day will be provided), shoes that can get wet, dry bags if you have them, headlamp/flashlight and extra batteries, rope, personal flotation device, hat, sunblock, sunglasses, swimsuit, pocket knife, compass, matches/lighter, extra plastic bags, gloves, clothes for rain, ho and cold weather, personal cookware/plates/utensils.



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