Krow has an arraignment cour hearing tomorrow, Monday Mar. 24th in Hurley, WI, located at the Iron County Courthouse on Taconite St., at 3:15 p.m.. Ze’s charges will be “formally’ filed during this event, and it is expected to be rather quick. If you can make it, your support is much welcomed.

  Pasted below is a statement from Krow dated back to June, 2013, shortly after alleged incidents, in conjunction with a lay-out of the legal situation written by a friend, and opportunity to donate to legal defense fund, who all that may face police/state repression in the form of jailing, etc. throught this resource extraction struggle can appeal to utilize! Thank you for your time and support!


June 26, 2013

“Those who fight against the destruction of the water, land, plants, and human and non-human animals of the Penokee Hills and Bad River Watershed are not ‘terrorists.’ The only terrorists are those who plot to blow up the hills with ammonium nitrate and use the power of the state’s policing apparatus to repress and send fear and division through the communities that oppose them. Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) and Chris Cline have millions of dollars and the support of the state to destroy the Penokees.

In these struggles, the police are never ‘on our side,’ because they are NOT employed to enforce what is “moral” or “right” by a utilitarian standard, the are only employed to enforce the law. The law is determined by those who have enough money to buy the legislature. The police protect the people with the most money and if individual officers decide otherwise, they will likely lose their job. Because they are “just doing their job” we must understand that they will always be here to protect GTAC, not us.

With the help of the media, GTAC is trying to tear apart the movement of those who want to save the Hills and protect the water, but we must strive to stay united, keep criticisms of tactics internal to “the movement” and keep the wider focus on those that want to destroy the precious water, not those that are fighting to defend it. We must support each other, hold G-TAC accountable for their egregious acts against our mother Earth. Earth is our home and we must act to defend it. Regardless of the diversity of tactics that will be used, we need to show solidarity with all who strive to stop the Penokee mine, and focus on just that, stopping the Penokee mine.”



defend the Penokees!

June 29, 2013


text from a Support Krow Poster created by a supporter and friend:

“Katie Kloth, aka Krow, is an activist, artist, forager, sustainable farmer, and biologist who has been committed to struggles to protect the environment and liberate all life fokrowr many years, and has spent the last several years organizing against the proposed Penokee mine.

“On June 11th, 2013, she was cited by the Iron County Sherriff for theft due to her alleged involvement in a rowdy protest earlier that day that disrupted bore hole drilling on the Penokee Range.  Since it was considered such a minor crime, she was neither arrested nor detained that day.

“On June 21st, it was announced that the Iron County District Attorney increased the charges to robbery with use of force (a class E felony), two counts of criminal damage to property and one charge of theft of movable property (<=$2500).

“It is apparent that the prosecutor gave into outside political pressure and that the charges were trumped up. The state legislature and powerful mining corporations seek to make an example out of anyone who dares to step out of line. 

“As one prisoner support group states:  ‘When those in power are challenged, they inevitably turn to violent repression and imprisonment to maintain their interests.  In order to avoid defeat, movements must become organized and capable of combating the repression of the state apparatus, and they must be able to support their comrades and allies in the event that they are arrested or imprisoned. Few would commit themselves to a movement that would leave them behind prison walls, or a movement that is incapable of sustaining itself in the face of state intimidation.’

“We must support Krow and all those that suffer from state repression for protecting the water!  ‘No mine’ means supporting those that defend the land!”

The WePay page for the bail/legal fund can be found here