Lawyer John Bachman in conjunction with activists from Wisconsin’s Northwoods will host “Know Your Rights” and “Security Culture” Training Monday Feb. 3rd at 7:15 p.m. in the Lumberjack Lounge of Northland College’s Ponzio Student Center, in Ashland, WI.

Learn what the state deems as your “rights” when interacting with “authorities,” and how your actions with them, depending on their origin, will affect your future ‘liberties’, small or large. Obtain the tools necessary to assert your rights, avoid unreasonable searches and seizures (in your home, car, casually walking down the street etc.), and potentially keep you out of the hand of the not-so-just U.S. justice systems.

In conjunction, we will address grand juries, castle law, and role-play various scenarios that police officers play antagonizing roles in, focusing especially on situations activists may find themselves in. 

Security culture will finish off the evening, security culture being simply and broadly defined as customs of action/inaction within your immediate
circles to protect each other, each other’s information and future (in regards
to ‘systems’ interactions) and what signs/trigger questions to look for/avoid
in people, places, and situations with the express purpose to continue to keep our communities as safe as possible from the hand and infiltration of government authority figures.