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The Penokees are under attack! Don’t allow he corporate media to write and depict our thoughts, actions, and history! Be heard and submit art, articles, poems, ideas for community mobilization & history of current resource extraction struggle in the northwoods to the zine, “Rad Perspective on Resource EXtraction War in he Midwest,” by Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 2014; please e-mail submissions to:

Thank you!

Friday Feb. 7th at 6:30 p.m. in Northland College’s Lumberjack Lounge, Ashland, WI, activist and Madison Infoshop volunteer John Peck will give and interactive presentation and discussion on the Minnehaha Free State Occupation & spiritual encampment in Minnesota of 1998.

 When the Legal System failed them, the community resistance to the HWY 55 reroute in Minnesota invited Big Woods Earth First! to utilize non-violent direct action in defense of the area, & the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota community as well as he American Indian Movement (AIM) became involved in the struggle. The Mendota were the original inhabitants of the condemned area, & were actually promised this land and more by the U.S. government in an 1863 treaty. On Aug. 10th, 1998, the day the first homes were scheduled for demolition, Earth First!, the Mendota, AIM, & others began an occupation on the condemned corridor. This occupation succeeded a long history of miner’s strikes and bolt-weevil resistance in the Midwest, & birthed itself into the


Please join us for this informational, interactive, free and fun even, Friday, Feb. 7h, at 6:30 p.m. in the lumberjack Lounge of Northland College’s Ponzio Student Center.

Lawyer John Bachman in conjunction with activists from Wisconsin’s Northwoods will host “Know Your Rights” and “Security Culture” Training Monday Feb. 3rd at 7:15 p.m. in the Lumberjack Lounge of Northland College’s Ponzio Student Center, in Ashland, WI.

Learn what the state deems as your “rights” when interacting with “authorities,” and how your actions with them, depending on their origin, will affect your future ‘liberties’, small or large. Obtain the tools necessary to assert your rights, avoid unreasonable searches and seizures (in your home, car, casually walking down the street etc.), and potentially keep you out of the hand of the not-so-just U.S. justice systems.

In conjunction, we will address grand juries, castle law, and role-play various scenarios that police officers play antagonizing roles in, focusing especially on situations activists may find themselves in. 

Security culture will finish off the evening, security culture being simply and broadly defined as customs of action/inaction within your immediate
circles to protect each other, each other’s information and future (in regards
to ‘systems’ interactions) and what signs/trigger questions to look for/avoid
in people, places, and situations with the express purpose to continue to keep our communities as safe as possible from the hand and infiltration of government authority figures.


According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website, as of Thursday Jan.16th, Gogebic Taconite LLC., has approval from that agency to drill 15 more exploratory sites in the Penokee Hills between Ashland and Iron County. For more information, visit the WDNR’s profile page for G-TAC Here:

Similar to the Concept of “Food Not Bombs,” Food Not MInes focuses on sharing recovered food with our communities in fun public spaces, reclaiming the commons with the intent to also discuss, reach-out and stay informed on issues relating to resource extraction, more specifically the proposed iron mine in he Penokee Hills is our current focus. Serving begins at 3 pm, and we will set-up anywhere in between Super H on Main Street, and the Co-op on he corner of Main and Chapple in Ashland, WI.