In the past couple days, Wisconsin senate republicans have introduced  bill SB 278, that would allow Gogebic Taconite (G-TAC) to restrict 4,000 acres of Managed Forest Land (MFL) where they intend to mine; MFL is supposed to be open to the public for hunting, fishing, hiking, and recreational use. This restriction is an attempt to keep people away from the planned mining activities that would decimate the Bad River Watershed, and endanger all living things in the area. To learn more, read Rebecca Kemble’s article in the Progressive:

The legislation can be found here –

In response to this move in support of destructive resource extraction made by senate republicans, mine opponents are tentatively scheduling a bike ride and rally to/(in) celebrate the public uses of Managed Forest Land in the Penokee Hills for this Saturday, Sept. 7th; more details soon.

Also, the “public comment” period for G-TAC’s application for the intent to mine has been extended by the DNR to Sept. 17th, 2013; the bulk sampling comment period remains Sept. 3rd.


*Please see DNR website:

Additional info copy/pasted from the DNR website:

Public comment period for Gogebic Taconite’s bulk sampling activity ends Sept. 3; DNR extends public comment period for preapplication process to Sept. 17

While the deadline for public comment on Gogebic Taconite’s bulk sampling activity remains Sept. 3, the Department of Natural Resources has extended the deadline to submit comments on the preapplication process for the company’s potential mining project in Iron and Ashland counties. The new deadline is Sept. 17.

Comments may be submitted via mail to:
Larry Lynch, DNR
101 S Webster Street
Madison Wisconsin 53707
or by email to:

In addition to information on this Web page, you can also view some of Gogebic Taconite’s project materials at the Hurley Public Library, 405 5th Ave. N., Hurley, 715-561-5707; and at the Vaughn Public Library, 502 West Main Street, Ashland, 715-682-7060.