In a letter to the editor a few days ago John Sendra wrote “A group calling itself the Penokee Defenders released a video recently that clarifies its position on ferrous mining in the Penokee Hills.”  Penokee Defenders released no video – this is a legal defense fund for activists facing criminal charges in this struggle, and a blog.  We do not think our position on ferrous mining in the Penokee Hills needs any clarifying.

Sendra also wrote, “Yet, when real pollution is actually occurring in the Bad River, raw sewage, phosphates and sulfide flowing into Lake Superior, the Penokee Hills Defenders are strangely silent.”  The reason Penokee Defenders has been “strangely silent” on this issue is because it has nothing to do with mining in the Penokees.  We have also been strangely silent on Three Mile Island, puppy mills, and whether or not aliens exist.